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        Enterprise profile
        Company Profile

        Zhongken Guobang (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a large-sized soybean processing enterprise is among the first batch of national-level agricultural industrialized major leading enterprise Jiusan Group and whose share that China Top 500 and leading enterprise Jiangxi Twins Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. in the fodder industry, bulk commodity and financial derivative senior company Beihe Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. have joined. It has registered capital of 670 million Yuan. It’s established in Oct. 12 2017. It is located in Tianjin FTZ (airport economic zone) airport international logistics zone. With five soybean processing companies in Changchun, Tieling, Dalian, Tianjin and Guangxi, it has total annual soybean processing capacity of 9.75 million tons, edible oil production capacity of 1.8 million tons, fodder pulp production capacity of 7.65 million tons, soybean warehousing capacity of 360 thousand tons, edible oil warehousing capacity of 220 thousand tons, fodder pulp warehousing capacity of 170 thousand tons and total industrial output value of 24 billion Yuan and profit of 900 million Yuan.


        Zhongken Guobang (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is the company set by Jiusan Group under the general background of defining strategic positioning and determining development direction, soybean squeezing plate of two important ones of Jiusan Group and the subject of international grain merchant of the group.

        The main soybean suppliers of Zhongken Guobang: Zhongken Guobang (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. include international famous grain merchants such as ADM, Bunge, CHS, Louis Dreyfus, Cheijedang, Cargill, and Glencore. It has annual soybean procurement amount of 8 million tons, accounting for 8% of national soybean import quantity. The clients in the lower reaches mainly include domestic famous large-sized fodder groups such as ELLHOPE, DBN, CP Group, Twins Group, Yili Youran animal husbandry, Guilin Liyuan of Group, WENS, Zhengbang Group and TRS. It has annual fodder pulp quantity of 5.2 million tons, accounting for 8% of the fodder enterprise’s annual demand for soybean pulp. 


        Zhongken Guobang (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Plays a increasingly important and indispensable role in the whole soybean industry chain.

        Company Qualification

        all subsidiaries of Zhongken Guoban have comprehensively introduced ISO9001 quality management system certification. Most also have started ISO22000 food safety management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO18001 occupational and health safety management system certification and built comprehensive and standard quality management standard system. The work including rectification, cleaning, safety and strengthening quality is completed by introducing advanced quality management model and implementing 6S management for the production field. Through standardized management of staffs, articles, devices and environment, the staffs standardize their behaviors according to the standard procedure so that the workers could always be at controllable state from being arranged to work to work completion to finally realize stable and continuous production. Through tracing the system construction and building and saving products at processing link information record, logistic record and marketing area location tracking record from raw material origin management, production & processing process management, packaging identification management, sales management and storage and transportation management, the whole process quality tracing of the product chain can be realized. Employment culture: morality, virtue and talent-oriented; people-oriented culture: keeping fairness and conveying warmth and health. 

        Copyright ? 2017 Zhongken Guobang (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. ICP No. 18000297
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